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Klimt 2012 – Vienna celebrates a genius

Gustav Klimt (1862-1918), a genius painter and a pioneer of the modernity would have celebrated 2012 his 150th birthday.

Vienna will be marking this special anniversary year with a series of events held under the banner of "Gustav Klimt and the birth of Modernism in Vienna."

To orient oneself in the extensive program, we are pointing out the highlights of the Klimt year 2012 for you!
(Exhibition: 150 Years of Gustav Klimt from 12/7/2012 to 01/06/2013)

Owning the most famous painting "The Kiss" and the largest collection of works by Gustav Klimt worldwide, the Belvedere prepared a very special presentation for this anniversary year. The exhibition "Masterpieces in focus: 150 years of Gustav Klimt" – displays all of the artist's paintings preserved in the museum in an extraordinary fashion. An impressive exhibitions that is definitely worth to see. For further information click here.
Wien Museum Karlsplatz
(Exhibition: Klimt. The Wien Museum collection from 16/5 to 16/9/2012)

The Wien Museum Klimt Collection is the biggest and most varied of its kind in the world. This repository includes two of his absolute masterpieces, the painting "Pallas Athene" and the portrait of "Emilie Flöge". In Klimt's anniversary year the museum offers a unique chance to see a wide range exhibition, letting the visitor appreciate the many facets of an artist who bridged the 19th and 20th centuries. For further information click here.

Klimt Walk through Vienna - in the footsteps of Gustav Klimt
For all those of you who prefer to walk, we composed a varied and charming Gustav Klimt walk.

Usually theme walks start where it all began – the birthplace. Unfortunately this place does no longer exist. Thus our walk starts at the Burgtheater.

1. The Burgtheater offers the possibility to see two of Gustav Klimt's impressive stairwell ceiling paintings.

2. From there the walk continues to the Kunsthistorisches Museum. A specific exhibition in the Klimt year offers the one time opportunity to see Klimt's ceiling paintings in the staircase from immediate proximity. Therefore a special bridge that spans over the width of the entire staircase was built.

3. Then our walk guides us to the Leopold Museum, were famous works like "Death and life" are exhibited.

4. Afterwards we stop at the Secession, one of the most famous Jugendstil buildings and co-founded by Gustav Klimt. Beside the impressive architecture also the famous Beethoven Frieze, dedicated to the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, can be enjoyed.

5. Our path continues to Karlsplatz. Here several buildings directly or indirectly connected to Klimt can be explored.

  • The station building Margaretengürtel (Otto Wagner) all typical Jugenstil elements can be seen here: floral ornaments, gold jewelry and design in every small element.
  • Das Künstlerhaus, the institution Klimt and his colleagues turned their backs on.
  •  Wien Museum Karlsplatz, masterpieces of Klimt can be found here.

6. The last stop of our Klimt walk is the Österreichische Museum für angewandte Kunst/Gegenwartskunst – MAK. The museum owns important testimonia of Klimt and his time. Every Tuesday from 6 p.m- to 10 p.m. the entry is free of charge.

Last but not least we recommend the – Klimt-Pass. All participating museums offer this pass where € ,-1 reduction on the exhibitions full price is granted.

Our Low Budget Klimt hint: theme-walk Jugendstil and Modernity in architecture
Nearly every corner in Vienna recalls people of the (artistic) turn from the 19th to the 20th Century. The following buildings are famous for the Jugendstil architecture. Not just an impressive architecture on the outside is waiting for you – also some of those buildings offer a great ar-chitectural experience in their inside.

  •     PSK building (Otto Wagner)
  •     Kirche am Steinhof (Church by Otto Wagner)
  •     Jugendstil house at the Wienzeile (Otto Wagner)
  •     Loos house (Adolf Loos)
  •     Secession (Joseph Maria Olbrich)
  •     Stations, railing and bridges of the former Viennese light rail system (Otto Wagner)
  •     Majokla house (Otto Wagner)
  •     House of the muses at the Wienzeile (Otto Wagner)
  •     St. Leopold am Steinhof – the first modern church of Europe (Otto Wagner)

Of course part of every successful holiday is also a gift!
We found a delicious piece of Jugendstil, ready to carry home:

Staud's Jam with Jugendstil screw cap(the jam is avalaible bei Staud's Wien, Brunnenmarkt – Corner Brunnen-gasse/Schellhammgergasse, Wien)

For coin collectors we recommend: Hold on to the Austrian version of the 50 Euro Cent coin. On its backside you find the famous Jugendstil building – the Secession.
Or do you prefer to buy your own „Klimt?"

The traditional Viennese confectionery AIDA purpose-built a Klimt-confect. (available in all AIDA coffee houses – you will see a various of rose AIDA logos around the city)