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  • Welcome to Salzburg!
    Welcome to Salzburg!

Tradition, taste & treasures. Welcome to Salzburg!

As our guest at the AllYouNeed Hotel Salzburg, you will be able to feel the incomparable composition of art and lifestyle that Salzburg has to offer up close. Because you are more than just a visitor; you will melt into and become one with this amazing city.

The city of Salzburg, a sparkling gem within the Alps, has always been an attractive destination for guests from all over the worls as well as being exclaimed a World Heritage Site since 1997. It is not only the history that amazes as you wander around between the Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Domplatz and the Mirabell Palace, but also the creative spirit that is alive wherever you go.

AllYouNeed Tour Guide

Salzburg has an endless range of possibilities to choose from. And in order to help you, we’ve compiled a guide of different ways to experience the city in one tour:

Salzburg on a small budget

Typically Salzburg

  • Salzburg Cathedral: entrance free, donation required. Mo-Sa 8am - 7pm, Sunday/Public holiday 1pm -7pm. Subject to change without noticed (July and August) due to rehearsals of the Salzburger Festival. Guided tours for free - but reservation in advance is necessary.
  • Take a stroll through Salzburg's Old Town with the world famous "Getreidegasse" and enjoy the unique flair of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.
  • Mirabell Gardens: daily from around 6am till nightfall. Entrance free.
  • Sightseeing Mirabell Palace:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:  8am - 4pm, Tueday, Friday: 1pm - 4pm, no visit in case of special occasions. Entrance free. 
  • Hellbrunn Palace Gardens: Entrance free.
  • Specials for students on Wednesdays: Every Wednesday, a lot of bars, shops and cultural institutions have great special offers for all students. Bring your student ID!
  • Salzburg University Botanic Garden: Opening hours Tue-Fri 10 am -19:30 pm , Sat 13 pm -18 pm, Sun & public holidays 10 am – 18 pm. Free entry, free special tours every Tuesday.

Culinary specialities

  • Farmer's market at Universitätsplatz: Mo-Fr 7am - 7pm, Sa 6am - 3pm
  • Stiegl Brauwelt: Beer tasting session and a souvenir
  • „Schrannenmarkt" Market: every Thursday 5 am – 13 pm around the "Andräkirche", find groceries, flowers, soft goods, basketwork, leatherwork.
  • "Kapitelmarkt" Market: every day from 1 Feb – 10 Nov, 7 am – 10 pm at the Kapitelplatz. Souvenirs, fancy goods, groceries.
  • Asian food at half price at Indigos: Sushi, Maki, Rolls and more at half price every day from 9 pm. Location: Alpenstraße 48, 5020 Salzburg.

Museums & Culture

  • Salzburg Museum: Mozartplatz 1. In addition to the regular exhibitions Punch-and-Judy Show for children, special holiday workshops, lectures and matinees.
  • Haus der Natur: The museum of natural history with science center and zoo is Salzburg's largest museum, open 365 days a year every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Additional special offers for families.
  • Organ at noon: A new concert offer from the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg invites you to take part at free "noon-concerts" including visitation of the "Zauberflötenhäuschen" afterwards. Every Tuesday at 12.30 pm, half an hour organ concert. Afterwards you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the famous "Zauberflötenhäuschen" (the magic flute house) at Bastionsgarten, where Mozart composed "Die Zauberflöte". Normally this house is not open to public. Entrance free!
  • The „Museum der Moderne", Modern Art – Young Museum: Various Workshops for all children up to the age of 9 at about € 4,- per child.
  • Salzburg Card: Salzburg Card is your key to the city of Salzburg: it provides free admission to Salzburg's museums, free use of the Fortress funicular, the Untersberg cableway, Salzach ship service and public transport. Salzburg Card holders can also take advantage of a number of discounts on concerts, theater performances or excursions to destinations in the Salzburg vicinity. Get your Salzburg Card for either 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Day trips, sports & curiosities

  • Gut Aiderbichl: The family-and- animal-friendly trip for Salzburg visitors: The Gut Aiderbichl Estate in Henndorf is located about 12 miles (20km) east of Salzburg, right in the middle of a pristine landscape. It is a refuge for all kinds of animals. Gut Aiderbichl is open for visitors 365 days a year from 9 am to 6 pm. Wheelchair-accessible. Guided tours, film screenings for free. Dogs are welcome, please keep on leash.
  • Indoor & Outdoor fun at the „AbARENA": The AbArena in Abersee/ Lake Wolfgangsee offers various ways to have fun for the whole family. Flight Simulator, modelmaking, special exhibitions, large amusement park and much more. Open 9 am – 6 pm, students specials and combination tickets, free entry for all children up to 3 years of age.

The traditional Salzburg tour

Follow in Mozart's tracks.

You’ll be on your feet and ready to go bright and early in the morning because you won’t want to miss a thing. After a enjoying the spectacular view from our terrace where you’ll be having breakfast on the top floor, you’ll be ready to set out on the route you’ve put together.

Off you go along the pedestrian zone across the Salzach past the Town Hall (Rathaus). And here is the first highlight of your tour, Mozart’s house of birth in Getreidegasse. You continue towards St. Blasius Kirche and take a sharp left along Mönchsberg and reach the opulent Festspiel area. Here in the old town, there is one magnificent sight after the other.

The Museum of Modernity, the Franziskanerkirche, the Residenz, the Salzburger Dom and St. Peter are just the most important. After you have found a few souvenirs for the family at Domplatz, allow your legs a little rest and take a ride on the Festungsbahn (train) rather than walking up the hill to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. From up there, the view is naturally indescribable. Back in the old town, marvel at the Salzburger Glockenspiel and then walk across Mozartplatz.

The Mozartsteg will take you to the other side of the Salzach. Stroll along the river towards Mozart’s former home. After having a good look, you can progress to the Mozarteum. The final highlight is the Mirabelle garden, where you can sit on a bench and rest your tired feet.

Once through the interior courtyard of the Mirabelle Palace, you can head back towards the hotel. Your stomach is bound to be growling by now, and you can refresh yourself with a few original Salzburger Mozartkugeln. Back at the hotel, put on your best dress and visit a wonderful concert at the Salzburger Festspiele.

After experiencing so much culture and history, be careful you don’t end up running around the city à la Mozart in a wig carrying a conductor’s baton.

Salzburg for the young and the young at heart

Just because something is childlike, doesn’t mean it is childish.

After managing the daily feat of getting up, teeth-brushing, getting dressed and having breakfast, your discovery tour of Salzburg can begin.

The unanimous voice of the children decides where to go, and so you set out towards the Haus der Natur (or House of Nature). What awaits you is a terrific exhibition, a spectacular aquarium and, in addition to the reptile zoo, lots of tiny insects.

After so much excitement, something a little more relaxing is appropriate. In the Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum) parents can be left at the door, so the children can play undisturbed in the workshop.  

This is followed by a nutritious lunch consisting of ice cream and cake. After that, take the bus to the Salzburger Zoo. Marvel at as many as 800 animals and 140 species, from wild and rare beasts of prey like wolves and leopards to amusing monkeys to adorable little harvest mice. Not far from the zoo, you can find the Hellbrunn Palace with its tricky water installations, where kids can play and get their parents wet.     

In the evening, there is a performance in the puppet theatre (Marionettentheater), where young and old alike are mesmerized by the magic of the dancing figures.

After that, the children can bring their tired parents to bed, and spend the rest of the evening relaxing in front of the TV.

Shopping trip for ladies

It’s probably less expensive at home, but then you’d miss out on what’s best.

After completing a night of beauty sleep, you rise at around 8am and, after a quick trip to the bathroom, manage to arrive punctually for breakfast at 9:45. Along with your coffee and croissants, you can enjoy the magnificent view over the rooftops of Salzburg from our terrace.  

Refreshed and motivated, you set out and find yourself just a few steps later in Linzer Gasse. The pedestrian zone with its assortment of shops offers a fabulous mixture of quiet comfort and pulsating activity. You almost can’t decide where to start looking. Should you start with the richly decorated shop windows or the beauty of the baroque building facades? You can only find such a combination of modern shopping pleasure and old town flair in Salzburg.  

Over the Staatsbrücke past the Rathaus and on the right, the trail continues onto Getreidegasse, where the many shops with their classical signs will capture your attention. After a relaxing stop at one of the many cafés, you can proceed with renewed energy.

Because you are no longer able to carry anything else, even if you wanted to, you return quickly to the hotel and store your treasures safely in your room. After a shower, some band-aids for your blisters and a change of shoes, you’re ready to set out again and this time you head for the best shopping centre in the world: the Europark. In over 130 shops, you’ll find things you never imagined but discovered you can’t live without: designer clothes, traditional costumes, antiques, jewellery, books and much more.

After this wonderful excursion, relax during a well-deserved trip to the hairdresser. Looking great, you decide to show off some of your new acquisitions. The elegant Italian restaurant “Wasserfall” that is not far from the hotel and the vinothek “Il Barone” offer the perfect backdrop for your new look. 

And the best thing about it all is: you don’t need to feel guilty. Since you saved so much on the hotel, you can afford to be a little extravagant in the city. 

Salzburg for men

Barley and malt – God’s gift to man

After a satisfying breakfast, you can set out across the old town towards the Salzach. After only a short walk, board the Amadeus Salzburg from the Makartsteg and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the city from the deck of the ship. Disembark in Hellbrunn, where a shuttle bus will be waiting to take you straight to Lustschloss zu Salzburg.

What awaits you is some versatile entertainment consisting of attractive gardens, mysterious grottos, refreshing water installations and the resulting wet T-shirt contest followed by a beer in the pub’s garden.

Upon returning to the old town, you decide to get some exercise and climb the Mönchsberg. You explore the Hohensalzburg Fortress and marvel at the fabulous view of the city. In the fortress’s museum, you can find medieval cooking utensils as well as interesting things such as weapons, torture instruments and construction tools. A short walk to the other side of the Mönchsberg leads to the “Stadt Alm”, a rustic restaurant where you can continue to enjoy the view while consuming a gulasch soup and an ice cold beer.

Take the Mönchsberg lift back down to the city and in just a few minutes you’re back at the hotel. You can rent a bicycle and cycle back through the beautiful old town of Salzburg to one of the most interesting sights: Stiegl’s Brewery (Brauwelt Erlebnisbrauerei). After you have thoroughly savoured the culture of beer, end your evening in “Die Weiße” pub, or better said – begin your evening. The night is young and your hotel isn’t far. 

And if necessary, you can look for a hair of the dog that bit you at breakfast, or in other words, a small beer.